Ed OdenTom Goosby, of the Cleveland Browns lineman/linebacker of the Jim Brown era, once refused to play golf with his nephew, Edward Oden.

“You mess my game up”, he told Oden. These days, Goosby calls up his nephew for tips.

For years Oden practiced diligently to come up to Goosby level.

“I worked on my game day and night. Now, I never let him live it down”, he recalls.   Atlanta News Weekly July 8-14, 1993

Edward Oden took a volunteer layoff from his job as a machinist with Lockheed to devote more time to developing his academy.

Presently, Mr. Oden is a five handicapper who several sources say could have made the professional tour. However, Edward Oden had other plans.

“I don’t have the time and finances to dedicate myself. It takes money to hang with the pros. My first priority is to develop the juniors to be more competitive on the junior, high school and college level.”

Over the past years, Mr. Oden has been providing advance golf instruction to a group of Atlanta youngsters who otherwise may not have the opportunity for professional lessons. And his proteges have been raising eyebrows in golf circuits.

A message from Mr. Oden

“AAGF was formed to provide inner city children and their families with positive life experiences by creating avenues, resources and programs that meet their social, physical and educational needs.”

-Edward Oden, Jr. ~ Executive Director

*** A dream can only be achieved with hope ***